The period we are going through collectively reinforces the city’s duty of solidarity, which concentrates its efforts and resources on those who live from culture, who keep it alive and pass it on. To those who make a living from culture, who keep it alive and pass it on.

The festival team, gathered around the talented Modigliani Quartet, the new artistic director of VIBRE ! projects with innovative artistic forms and stimulating interventions and cultural mediation actions favouring the mix of audiences. It is time to reconnect with the essential emotions that music transmits to us when it is played in public, all the more so when those who passionately bring it to life take the side roads to offer a high quality, rich, mixed and accessible artistic event. I am delighted that we are meeting again with artists as virtuosic as they are eclectic, and I wish the Quatuors à Bordeaux team a wonderful 2021 edition.


Deputy Mayor of Bordeaux in charge of creation and cultural expressions



VIBRE ! What a great incentive after months of confinement. “To live! “We would have liked to add that culture is so essential to our lives: we have deeply missed meeting and sharing with artists for a year. The new challenge of the String Quartet Festival, which will take place before the summer, is all the greater. Sharing, “dusting off”, decompartmentalizing, are the ambitions of this 2021 edition, supported by Bordeaux Métropole. Ten concerts are scheduled in our agglomeration, but they will also be accompanied by educational projects, master-classes, meetings in unexpected places, and cultural mixes. We would like to thank the Modigliani Quartet for taking over the artistic direction of this festival, which combines high artistic standards, support for young artists and encounters with the public in a variety of original ways. Bordeaux Métropole is proud to accompany this festival and to be at the side of the communes to support the artists and the diffusion of their work through an exceptional aid plan to accompany the production, the diffusion and the return of the public to the show. Long live the VIBRE ! festival and the pleasure of meeting, at last, around music!


Vice-President of Bordeaux Metropole in charge of tourism, facilities and metropolitan events



VIBRE ! The String Quartet Festival”.

from 20 May to 8 June 2021

VIBRE ! a new name that sounds like a call and an urgency to hear the instruments come to life… and vibrate. VIBRE ! as the irrepressible desire to feel again the emotions that music transmits when it is played on stage, in front of an audience.

A multi-faceted festival organised by the Quatuors à Bordeaux association, VIBRE ! alternates a series of concerts and events dedicated to string quartets with an international string quartet competition held every three years (next edition in May 2022).

In 2021, under the impetus of the Modigliani Quatuor, the new artistic director of the festival, VIBRE ! welcomes some of the most prestigious French and international string quartets for major concerts in venues dedicated to classical music or more unexpected ones. Alongside them, four of the most promising young quartets on the international scene are invited to perform on stage and benefit from workshops and master classes of a new kind.

In its quest for innovation and openness, the VIBRE ! festival invites new dialogues between different artistic forms (dance, cinema, visual arts, contemporary music), and invites reflection during conferences and meetings with the public. These lively moments, accessible to all, will enable as many people as possible to discover the extraordinary musical repertoire of the string quartet.

From 20 May to 8 June, there will be 15 concerts in Bordeaux, the Metropolitan area and the Region, with 45 musicians and artists to discover or rediscover during this exceptional edition. Designed to comply with the standards established by the Ministry of Culture, in a seated format, respecting the measures of physical distance and the wearing of masks, VIBRE !
should welcome spring and give a festive air to the Bordeaux, metropolitan and Gironde area.