A workshop festival

VIBRE ! is also a time of residency and pedagogy for four of the most promising young quartets.


High-level master classes

Organised for the four emerging quartets invited (the Agate, Eos, Mona and Barbican quartets), the VIBRE ! master classes draw on the know-how and experience of the festival’s artistic directors to create a programme specifically adapted to their needs.  Supervised by pairs of musicians from the Modigliani and Artemis quartets, these master classes in instrumental prosetics aim to work on technique, harmony, and the interpretation of works that may subsequently be presented at international competitions.

This support comes at a pivotal moment in their career, between the end of their studies and the beginning of their professional life. Some master classes will be open to the public or, more specifically, to the students of the Conservatoire de Bordeaux Jacques Thibaud.

And professional workshops

In parallel with the master classes on instrumental practice, thematic workshops are organised to enable the emerging quartets (Agate, Eos, Mona and Barbican quartets) to understand the professional environment of the classical music sector.

Specific work on the repertoire and aesthetics of the quartet will be carried out by the musicologist Jean-Michel Molkhou. Violinist, music critic for the magazine Diapason and author of several reference works on the violin and the string quartet, he will conduct a reflection on the aesthetics of interpretation with each young quartet.

A workshop on posturology and the prevention of traumas and pathologies of string musicians will be offered by the physiotherapist Antoine Zanghi, who specialises in the treatment of artists’ bodies.


From 21 or 29 May 2021

Villa 88 – Bordeaux

Théâtre des 4 Saisons – Gradignan